.”Bright Blooms” 8oz Vivid PolyPour-Primary Elements-12 Color Sampler Set


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Bright Blooms 8oz PolyPour Starter set  Colors: Wine and Roses, Sky Blue, Sunflower, Poppy Red, Key Lime, Ginger Flower, Passion, Boysenberry, Coral Berry, Sapphire on Ice, Peacock Feather, Persimmon.

3 in stock


“Bright Blooms ” 

Directions: Create brilliant iridescent paint Mix: 8oz Vivid PolyPour 1/4 tsp PE “Primary Elements Arte Pigments” PolyPour may also be used for brush painting or glazing effects. The best adhesion is a clean dry non-oily surface. Clean Up Soap and Water. Store in a cool dry place.

Color Description:

Coral Berry, Luscious coral-pink in a lilac pearl

Wine and Roses, Deep red wine in a violet-red pearl

Sky Blue, Bright blue-green in blue pearl

Ginger Flower, Red Violet Magenta in a lilac pearl

Poppy Red, Warm red in golden-red pearl

Key Lime, Brilliant lime green in a green-gold pearl

Passion, Red-Violet in a blue-violet pearl

Sapphire on Ice, Bright Blue in a Shimmering Blue Pearl

Boysenberry, Deep Violet in a Blue Pearl

Sunflower, Golden Yellow in rich golden pearl

Peacock Feather, Rich Phalo green in sparkling green pearl

Persimmon, Deep orange in Red Gold Pearl

(1) 8 oz. Bottle Vivid PolyPour

(25) Plastic Measuring scoops



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