Radiant Rain- Liquid Acrylic/ Hybrid shimmering paints

Brilliant Iridescent colors – Spray or Rub On daubers- OR use Pipette  to apply to textured art

210 Intense colors split up into sixteen color categories

Antique-Blackened-Shade Colors: A Shade is simply any color with black added. We have carefully antiqued colors for you. To deepen add a “drop” more black. Careful not to use too much and block out color and light.

Semi Opaque-Whitened-Tint Colors: A Tint is sometimes called a Pastel. Basically it’s simply color with white added, which will cause a semi-opaque effect as mica light refraction is slightly diffused.

Skin-Tone Colors-Warm-Cool-Rose colored skin tones mixed in our signature “oyster “color.

Create translucent skin tones ranging from deep caramel to pale porcelain by mixing washes with water

To lighten skin tones shade:  mix with color “oyster” available in interference iridescent- neutral group.

Frost Colors: Delicate color mixed in sparkling white mica. White mica sits on surface like a mirror reflecting light. Colors are diffused due to impeded light refraction, very useful for focusing light to one area, great for sparkly baby announcements etc.  Frosts are not recommended for lightening other non-frosted colors. IT is recommended to use iridescent neutrals to mix custom shades.

Interference-Iridescent Neutrals: Transparent-translucent colors recommended for mixing lighter shade of other colors, Example Rich cobalt dark blue mixed with iridescent blue=light shade of same blue. Definition of Interference: Interferes with light casting a color accent to your color mix.

Metals-Metallic Colors: Metallic Mica or Ground metal-when specified. Colors are perfect for accents. Mix small amounts in regular color to enhance or create new colors.

Yellow Color Family: Yellow is dominant color in ranging from “warm” Yellow-Orange thru “cool” Yellow-Green

Red Color Family Red: is dominant color ranging from “warm” Red-Yellow thru “cool” Red-Blue

Blue Color Family: Blue is dominant color ranging from “warm” Blue-Green thru “cool” Blue Violet

Orange Color Family: Orange dominant color ranging from “warm” Orange-Yellow thru “cool” Orange-Red

Green Color Family: Green dominant color ranging from “warm” Green-Yellow thru “cool” Green-Blu

Violet Color Family: Violet is dominant color ranging from “warm” Violet-Red thru “cool” Violet-Blue

Teal Color Family: Teal AKA Turquoise ranging from “warm” Blue Green thru “cool” Green Blue

Pink Color Family: Pink shades ranging front Hot Rhodamine Violet-Pink-thru warmer Yellow-Pinks

Peach Color Family: Peach AKA Coral ranging from “warm” more orange peach thru “cool” Pink Peach

Browns-Grays Color Family:  Warm browns-Golden Oak colors, Cool-brown- Taupe, Reddish brown-cedar wood, Beige-browns with iridescent red or green pearl. Cool and warm grays

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